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Where there's smoke, there's art.


Robert Glick is a lawyer and the managing partner of a Long Island, New York law firm. As an avid cigar enthusiast and designer of his own mancave, he admires the beauty, detail, and intricacy of cigar bands and their artistic designs.  He began collecting and displaying his cigar bands in a glass jar.  As his collection accumulated, he taught himself to design wood coasters for his mancave using his bands. Overtime, he experimented and formulated an intricate design implementation process to create unique, one-of-a-kind art exclusively with cigar bands and box labels.

Robert's unique artistic profile has prompted others in the cigar industry and cigar lovers worldwide to reach out to him to acquire his works which include cigar accessories, humidors, tabletop sculptures, framed art and limited-edition prints.  He is often sought for commissions to design custom pieces for cigar industry leaders, corporate clients, cigar manufacturers and cigar lounge owners.


Robert can be contacted directly at (516) 728 - 4455 or via Instagram @artdefumar.

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